What is GLD TOKEn?

Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform for all kinds of innovative ideas and projects. It
is clear that it’s not an ICO incubator – instead it’s more like crowdfunding platform like
“Kickstarter” and “Indiegogo”. The community reviews projects and chooses to either “Like”
(upvote) or “Boost” (fund) them using GLD, the proprietary ERC-20 token used by the GLD TOKEN
Crowdfunding is one of the most popular methods of gaining liquidity to start a new project.
In fact, over $17.2 billion is raised by these projects annually in the U.S. alone.

Advantage of GLD Platform:

Based on blockchain technology
• Transparency
• Trackability
• Lower fees

What problems does GLD TOKEN solve?

GOLDOGE TOKEN gives young and energic entrepreneurs access to huge liquidity. For example, on
the European market, alternative methods of financing projects grew very rapidly, with the
market size reaching more than 7.67 billion euros as at 2016. Within crowdfunding itself,
various types of platforms are developed, such as equity, debt-based or reward-based
crowdfunding. We, the GOLDOGE team, have decided to develop a blockchain platform on a
reward-based scheme only because we believe that this is the future of the crowdfunding

What is the mission of GOLDOGE ?

GLD TOKEN is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with the sole mission of helping
new businesses with funding and growing. Our platform is the place where ideas get
connected with smart money.